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Geneva Girls Netball Association (GGNA) was founded in 2007 and continues to grow in strength each year.


Netball offers girls the chance to play a team sport without the added pressure from their male counterparts. Many girls who don't like mixed PE lessons find they love playing netball and find they enjoy sport after all. Netball teaches ball skills but more importantly it teaches team skills not found in football or basketball. By the nature of the game all members of the team have to contribute fully to the teams success, there are few opportunties for one person to outshine the rest. 


GGNA has opened up the sport to all girls in the Geneva area between the ages of 7 -18 with sessions throughout the week.


In 2008 GGNA affiliated to the International Federation of Netball Associations (INF) and Federation of European Netball Associations (FENA). Since the formation of Swiss Netball  in 2009, GGNA now affilites to Swiss Netball.


There is also an adults group (Lancy Ladies), held every Tuesday evening at 8.15pm at IIL, 24 Ave Eugene Lance, 1212 Grand Lancy.

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