GGNA Committee

In order to support our players, our coaching staff, and help GGNA continue to grow going forward, we are delighted to announce the formation of the GGNA Committee. Its role will be to enable a formal governance structure and support the communication of the club. Meet the new members here!

Name: Merel Schwaanhuyser

Role: Committee Chair


I got involved with GGNA because...ever since I was little, I have played team sports, but I never heard of netball until my daughter started playing a couple of years ago. I wanted to support her so started to learn about the sport and fell in love with the game myself . As with any team sport, it wasn’t just about my daughter but equally about the team and club so I got involve d to support GGNA grow & strengthen even further

Name: Maria Giovanna Pugliese

Role: Committee Secretary


I got involved with GGNA because… I want to support the players and coaches, and contribute to the club going from strength to strength for many years to come!

Name: Eric Aulagne

Role: Committee Secretary


I got involved with GGNA because…I was very impressed by the environment created for our girls, both very competitive and yet super friendly. I am just keen to see this adventure continue to grow and attract new crowds!

Name: Linda Jackson

Role: Financial Lead


I got involved with GGNA thanks to…my daughter when she started playing netball and became part of this beautiful family by helping with the club kit.

I love their way of coaching, offering our girls a friendly and motivating environment.

Name: Olga Kosterina

Role: Communications Lead

I got involved with GGNA because Curiosity, I never heard of netball before my daughter started playing in GGNA and then I loved the spirit created for the girls, and the professionalism with which the club is handled. I thought that it is a great story to be shared.

Name: Lara Protopapa

Role: Events Manager

I got involved with GGNA because I was passionate about netball as a child and was thrilled when my daughter decided to start playing.  The GGNA experience has been such a positive one for Tessa that I felt that I should give something back to the organization.

Name: Claire Leslie

Role: Club Manager

I got involved with GGNA because because it is a competitive sport which demands high levels of fitness and teamwork. I have played my entire life, in Australia, Thailand, England and now for Lancy Ladies in Switzerland, and I have encouraged my two girls to get involved and play the game too.

Name:  Sharon Jay

Role: Sports & Operations Lead

I got involved with GGNA because…I am passionate about what GGNA gives the girls, I love being part of a family environment that nurtures the girls to grow in confidence and understand & respect their role as an individual and as a team player.

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