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We have a very strong team of senior and junior coaches working hard on the court at GGNA. Here is more about them:

Name:  Jo Beveridge

Role: Head Coach

I created GGNA because…back in 2007 there was no girls team sports for my daughters. I asked IIL if I could create a Netball team and the rest is history!  Team sports for girls so important, they learn so many life skills that take them on into adult life. Inspiring the girls to achieve more than they thought possible and watching them simply enjoying running around with friends, is one of my favourite pastimes.

Name:  Sharon Jay

Role: Senior Coach - Wednesday 1 & 2 & Operations Committee Member

I got involved with GGNA because…I am passionate about what GGNA gives the girls, I love being part of a family environment that nurtures the girls to grow in confidence and understand & respect their role as an individual and as a team player.

Name:  Tom Jay

Role: Motivational & Assistant  Coach - Thursday & Academy

I got involved with GGNA because…When I was a young I had a sports coach, who mentored & motivated me me through illness & academical challenges. His inspiration changed my life. I hope my involvement in GGNA will be able to inspire our players to achieve their maximum potential in an environment where they feel valued.

Name:  Ceri Vavreka

Role: Senior Coach - Thursday & Academy

I got involved with GGNA because…I love playing netball and being able to bring that passion to inspire and develop the younger players.

Name:  Holly Seager

Role: Senior Coach - Thursday & Academy

I got involved with GGNA because…I arrived from the UK, where I played regional level netball. I was so pleased to find netball in Geneva. My Mum was a netball coach in the UK and inspired me to coach and pass on my skills. I love coaching at GGNA and working with such a happy, talented, and determined group of girls.

Name:  Sarah Irwin

Role: Senior Coach - when I can


I got involved with GGNA because…GGNA has been part of my life since its inception in 2007. First as a player, then Junior Coach, to recently Senior Coach. GGNA inspired me to study Sports Coaching at University and become a PE teacher. I love inspiring young players to get active and enjoy team sports.

Name:  Ciara Jay

Role: Club Captain & Junior Coach - Monday

I got involved with GGNA because… I wanted to try a new sport & netball sounded like fun. Now GGNA has become my second family and plays a huge part in my life.

Name:  Emilia Hogg

Role: Club Vice - Captain Junior Coach - Monday

I got involved with GGNA because…To Start with I just wanted to play netball. Little did I know that GGNA would become such a huge part of my life, whether or not I am on court.

Name:  Cara Honey

Role: Junior Coach - Monday

I got involved with GGNA because… I was looking for a team sport to join and was lucky to find something I love and am so passionate about.

Name:  Katie Charlesworth

Role: Junior Coach - Wednesday 2

I got involved with GGNA because... having such an amazing second family whilst playing my favourite sport is one of the best things to have. I’ve made some of my closest friends & greatest memories here in GGNA.

Name: Ella Honey

Role: Junior Coach - Wednesday 2

I got involved with GGNA because I wanted to take up a new sport not knowing I would be joining a sport that I am passionate about but also a second family!

Name:  Alannah Jay

Role: Junior Coach - Wednesday 1

I got involved with GGNA because…Every week I would see my sister leave to play netball & come back with a huge smile across her face, and I couldn’t-t wait to get started. When I started I knew I had found my GGNA family.

Qualified Umpires

Linda Gummery (B Badge)

Karen Bugeja (B Badge)

Holly Seager (C Badge)

Jemima Bugeja (C Badge)

Sharon Jay (C Badge)

Sarah Irwin (C Badge)

Cara Honey (C Badge)

GGNA train at:

Institut International de Lancy

Avenue Eugene Lance 24

1212 Grand Lancy, Switzerland

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